Frequently Asked Questions

DBC Spine Clinic & Gym offers the following services :

-Conventional Physical Medicine & Rehabilitaion diagnosis and treatments for all musculoskeletal pain problems.

-Active rehabilitaion program to alleviate chronic spinal pain ,according to DBC international’s standard of practice

DBC standardization had invented and continuously developed special equipments and a proprietary standard of systematic back assessment and active rehabilitation program. Parameters such as spinal mobility, back muscle endurance and fatigue, depressive mood, fear avoidance, and other related factors are evaluated. The analysis of such data helps to formulate an individualized treatment plan and to objectively as possible demonstrate measurable progress during and after the rehabilitation process.

Patients are recommended to do the exercise with our special equipments in DBC exercise room, about an hour, twice a week. Duration of treatment is depended on individual plan. The program will be closely monitored by the specialist doctor and DBC-certified physiotherapist.

This system of active back rehabilitation is now being used in more that 20 countries around the world to build up the back-stabilizing trunk muscles of chronic back patients and have successfully reconditioned the lower back muscles of over 60,000 cases world wide. In the attempt to secure a global quality assurance, Treatment results of every DBC clinics are sent to Finland twice every year, to detect any center that does not meet the 80% success bench mark.

Recently groups of Independent scientists such as members of the respected Cochrane Collaboration have made extensive systematic reviews of all existing high-quality low back pain researches. They have found that exercise therapy and cognitive behavioral support are clearly the two most effective treatments for chronic low back pain patients.

Further analysis of the data suggest that the most effective exercises are those which specifically target trunk muscles in a progressive manner, and that is closely supervised.

Stretching and relaxation are also important components that must not be overlooked.


DBC International of Finland has developed a package of specialized rehabilitating program and a set of specially-designed equipments, which make it possible for therapists and doctors to the proper target the exercise to the desired area. Intensity, range of movement, and motion path are all controlled so that effective treatment can be assured, with virtually no risk of injury induced training.